Proactive Response is Key

How much is it worth to your organization to develop a culture and strategy that reduces the risk of an incident that results in the loss of a human life that is connected to your workplace? How about reducing the risk of someone being sexually assault while in one of your facilities? What about if you could lower the risk of a harassment incident that leads to a charge of liability?

Having a violence prevention strategy in place before it is needed is sound management. Waiting until it is needed and then implementing it can be very costly in terms of both injuries and expenses. Jesse Taylor Consulting LLC provides experienced proactive violence prevention solutions that threaten workplaces today. Those solutions must begin with the senior leadership of the organization. Senior leaders must model behaviors that encourage respect and dignity and refuse to tolerate behaviors within an organization that do not promote this culture.

Principle Goal

To Reduce the Risk of Violence. Period!

Process We Use

Our clients can expect a partnership with Jesse Taylor Consulting LLC to flow as follows:

First – An initial phone consultation to see if a relationship can and should be established.

Followed by – An onsite assessment of your current program. We will then provide you with a review of the findings which will guide the improvement of areas such as:

  • Policy and procedural documents
  • Designing employee and management training
  • Emergency action plans
  • Active threat (shooter) response
  • Improvement of safety and security measures at facilities
  • Visitor management
  • Threat assessment team development to receive reports of concerning behaviors to screen incidents for violence potential
  • Assist with the creation of a tracking system to collect data for analysis and program improvement
  • Additional services as well


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Jesse Taylor Consulting LLC is experienced in the areas of Safety & Health, Security Assessments and Design, Workplace Violence Incident Management, Training and Development, Crisis and Incident Management, and Business Continuity Planning.

Jesse is only one of 57 worldwide threat assessment professionals who have attained the Certified Threat Manager (CTM) certification as of June 2017. The CTM certification is considered the “best in the business” and is issued by the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP). Those attaining the CTM have demonstrated their competency in assessing and managing concerning behaviors by passing a proctored written examination covering the core competencies of:

  • Information Gathering
  • Interpretation of Information
  • Threat Assessment and Management Principles and Practices
  • Legal Issues
  • Ethics,
  • Literacy Across Disciplines, and
  • Consultations and Communication.

Jesse also holds the Certified Protection Professional (CPP). The CPP is a board certification issued by ASIS International and provides demonstrable proof of knowledge, experience, and management skills in the key domains of security. Those domains are:

  • Security Principles and Practices
  • Business Principles and Practices
  • Investigations, Personnel Security
  • Physical Security
  • Information Security, and
  • Crisis Management.

We have a passion to help organizations mitigate the risks associated with workplace violence. Previous experiences include:

  • Managing threat cases
  • Conducting facility security risk assessments and design of security system layouts for corporate offices, retail locations, and data centers
  • Developed corporate-wide violence prevention training programs
  • Developed and oversaw multi-agency active threat drills to build partnerships with local response agencies
  • Created multi-disciplinary Threat Management Team to receive, investigate, and implement Management strategies to reduce the overall risk of violence in the workplace


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